RTBC – 2022 – Panel Highlights and Takeaways

Session I – New Events in Established Markets

  1. Not just about ROI
  2. Lots of partners to keep happy
  3. Have to take the long term view to determine success

Session II – Post Shutdown – What Have We Learned

  1. Electronic waivers are the way to go because it makes the process easier on so many levels
  2. Using QR codes and other electronic methods can save you money
  3. Tech is our friend, and EPARTRADE is not competition to PRI

Session III – Using Technology to Create Efficiency

  1. Tech can save money and make racing safer
  2. Efficiency is the key behind all new tech integration
  3. Safety related purchases can also be used for other purposes

Session IV – Off – Road Motorsports

  1. From crisis comes opportunity
  2. Off road successful because its accessible but also because it has so many levels to hit all budgets while appealing to manufacturers on so many levels
  3. Not just racing, its an experience, its a lifestyle. Its not overly sanitized which makes it relatable

Session V – Reaching and Engaging New Fans

  1. We are in the entertainment business not just the racing business and also in the service business.
  2. Race fans still want a show and drama, someone to cheer for or against
  3. Tough to attract new fans but you need to speak to them where they live which is online and on social media

Session VI – Digital Monetization Opportunities

  1. Motorsports is more fun than stick and ball sports
  2. You are never too old to get smarter
  3. Services like Digital Throttle can be a good addition to your strategy by adding another revenue stream.

Session VII – Track Related Real Estate Development

  1. If you design it right, they will build and buy
  2. Zoning issues can be minimized if you pick the right parcel of land .
  3. Design a fast and memorable track but do it safe

Session VIII – Grow Your Business with Actionable Diversity Equity & Inclusion (DE & I)

1, Not just a buzz word it’s good business

  1. Its the right thing to do to build new people
  2. Lack of opportunity is holding people back not a lack of skills

Session IX – Media and Streaming

  1. Don’t fake it be genuine
  2. Some of the same issues people complain about with streaming were an issue years ago with real TV too.
  3. Every event is viable to find an audience, big or small