Why should you attend the Race Track Business Conference?

The annual Race Track Business Conference provides a platform for industry leaders to collaborate, analyze, and conceptualize around the business of motorsports.  Shared insights from all forms of racing creates dialouge and interaction in a unique intellectual.

The goal for RTBC is to be the place that brings it all together, the place to learn the winning strategies, and the place to connect the industry professionals. We are pleased to present the motorsports industry this unique event.


Here are reasons for you to get on TRACK at RTBC:

  • Networking with peers. The best and brightest from the motorsports industry gather in Indy.  Exclusive access in a conducive environment.  Once the show begins, everyone is busy with meetings.  Take advantage of quality time.
  • Encounter new vendors and suppliers. Meet with a wide range of professionals from every form of racing.  Learn about innovative products and services they are using at their track or in their series.
  • Insights from the experts. The most active professionals in motorsports must constantly adapt – hear about their experiences and how they view the economic challenges of our industry.
  • Educational opportunities. Learn the winning strategies from industry leaders.  Insights from actual events and facilities.  Gain exposure into new ideas and trends that will help you succeed.
  • Have fun. It is about the people – smile and laugh and learn. Lots of breaks and social time available to network.  Hear stories from the leaders who developed the talent that makes racing our careers.