RTBC – 2019 – Panel Highlights and Takeaways

Session 1- Marketing

1) Agencies and in-house can work well together, need an agency with a reputation you trust who understands your needs.
2) Don’t just chase the hip young group with clever social media campaigns, follow those who have the money to spend on products and services you are promoting.
3) Nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd!

Session 2- Driver Development

1) Important to tailor any fitness program to the individual driver and the type of racing they are involved with too.
2) Important to tailor a simulation program to the development needs and weaknesses of the driver otherwise it is just an expensive video game.
3) From iRace to Advanced Sims, all are great to spark interest in racing for future drivers and future fans.

Session 3-Facility Security

1) You are responsible for your own defense against cyber threats you won’t get the help you need from your local police resources.
2) Good coordination with local officials takes lots of pre-planning, learn from past mistakes, never settle for current levels of security, always look for ways to improve.
3) Understand your facilities vulnerabilities and never get complacent when it comes to physical or cyber attacks.

Session 4- Driving Innovation Through the Autonomous Driving Challenge at Indy

1) The challenge is not intended to eliminate drivers from the sport
2) Racing is still the best testing ground for new technology that will appear on your daily street ride.
3) No better place to test new technology than at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the original testing ground.

Session 5- Track Ops

1) Find new ways to use your property to increase facility utilization even if that means adding non-racing events.

2) Find the low hanging fruit for additional revenue even if it is a small amount it will add up and help the bottom line. Consider adding new ideas like video billboards to increase potential revenue.

3) It’s possible to get more life out of your track or excitement out of your racing through proper pavement management.

Session 6- Ticketing and Electronic Waivers

1) Legal barriers coming down in the Electronic Waiver procedures but laws still vary by state.

2) Online is where more tickets will be sold in racing in the future and your system needs to integrate online sales and promotion to maximize revenue.

3) Work with your local hotels/businesses about not gouging your customers

Session 7- Broadcasting and Streaming

1) Reliable connectivity is still the biggest challenge to insure the best quality possible for online streaming of events. Reputations can be ruined with just one bad streaming experience for the fans.

2) Competition for attention is so tough for consumer dollars nowadays so video streaming is one way to connect with fans and win that competition.

3) Different customers have different goals, the data will tell you what the right level of broadcasts and costs to the consumer are right.

Session 8- Education

1) Students need mentors and intern programs more than even before in today’s world.

2) There is a shortage of mechanics and trades people.

3) Education about what goes on behind the scenes in racing can build interest in racing and the pathway to careers in the sport.

Session 9- Media

1) Great story tellers still exist today but the number of publications/outlets to tell those stories is shrinking.

2) It is possible to evolve with the times to attract the new fans without alienating the old school fans.

3) The Indianapolis Motor Speedway is in good hands with Roger Penske according to our legendary panel of journalists,