RTBC – 2023 – Panel Highlights and Takeaways

Session I – Digital Marketing

1) So many different ways to reach an audience, have to learn to use them all. Dont be afraid to hire someone like Digital Throttle to help.
2) Specialty events might be a way to hook new customers, don’t be afraid to be unique to stand out and sometimes that’s as easy as posting a still picture instead of a video. Need to stay authentic to your brand.
3) Have to know how to measure success.

Session II – EV Racing

1) Lots of myths about the dangers of EVs, learn the facts. Like many things in racing the worst issues might come from racers using hacks that might be tough to discover in tech inspections.
2) Like anything in racing be prepared for the worst that can happen. There is a huge market with EVs that you will want to pursue.
3) Fewer ways for things to break with EVs than with internal combustion engines but the rare accident can lead to catastrophic issues so it pays to be prepared.

Session III – Artificial Intelligence

1) Data is power and AI can help simplify the task of analyzing data. Be careful what you ask AI to do and set up good guard rails to tell it what it shouldn’t do.

2) There are great tools out there that are putting AI to work for you in practical ways. POP CAM can give your brand a consistent look that can even open up a new revenue stream

3) Trackside Systems can take lots of issues off your “To Do List.”

Session IV – Future of Motorsports

1) Cost will keep street circuit schedule from being too crowded and bringing the entertainment to the fans where they live has been very succesful.

2) Track design has to work safety, sustainibility and EV into the equation.
3) Club track business is wide open for even more growth.

Session V – Women in Motorsports

1) Why does “WINMA” matter? Opening up the sport to women who might not know their expertise is needed and they are welcome makes good business sense.
2) How does ‘WINMA” matter to your business? Can attract new talent and it’s tough to find good help these days. Can help your bottom line by tapping a market for huge growth for your business.
3) Motorsports is becoming more welcoming with each new generation which is really good news.

Session VI – Sustainibility Panel
1) There is money to be made in sustainibility so why not cash in?
2) Sustainibility makes sense. Reducing your plastic waste also reduces your shipping and storage costs for needed racing supplies.
3) Energy density is important in motorsports from a performance standpoint which can also please big company sponsors by reducing the carbon footprint of racing. Hyper Fuels has come up with a better fuel with 30% less carbon emissions.

Session VII – Tourism and Hospitality

1) If you build it and create a buzz for an event, location, or a product then customers will buy it and you might even find state and local tourism dollars to help pay for it and pay to advertise it.
2) OPA- Learn to utilize OTHER PEOPLE’S AUDIENCE
3) Might need to change your message or approach to reach a different audience but stay authentic to who you are at all times.

Session VIII – Esports

1) Most eRacers can’t afford track time so this might be a way to bring more diversity to the sport.
2) Huge marketing opportunities for marketing campaigns in “Real Racing” using sim racing.
3) Might attract new customers for real racing both as competitors and as fans. 37% of those chosing a game to play choose an auto racing game or sim.